Inter-Array Cables: Quality and Efficiency

H-Askham OffshoreOptimising installation programs and improving efficiency of the construction phase of offshore wind projects is one of the great challenges faced by the industry. Cost reduction initiatives during planning, development and construction are key in ensuring viability of projects for investors and stakeholders. However, it is imperative that reducing costs does not compromise the quality of operation phase of the installations.


Where construction activities lie on the critical path to project completion there can be added pressure to accelerate works to maintain target deadlines.   Inter-array cable installation, termination and testing form part of the activities of which, switch on for operations is dependent upon. H&Askham have worked on a number of projects providing inter-array cable services and have actively strived to developed not only the practical installation techniques, but the overall strategy with which projects are delivered to result in both improved efficiency and quality. Key areas of focus have included; Early Engineering, Personnel Training, detailed Project Reporting & Quality Assurance. This well rounded approach ensures that risk is progressively managed and controlled at each step of the journey.


Accurate and detailed daily reporting, communicated on a near real time basis has proven instrumental in the success of recent projects. When acting as the contractor we are now able to feedback information to the client regarding accurate progress of the works to assist with the forward programming, but further to this in the role of Client Representative the reporting provided focuses on Quality Assurance”. Brian stresses, “Fundamentally a quality installation will provide longevity in service”.


H-AskhamOffshore23With the influence of array cable terminations being prevalent both on construction and operational performance of a wind farm, it will continue to be an area of interest for both developers and contractors to explore advances in at all stages of the project lifecycle. Close collaboration of all parties involved in design and construction, and engaging with specialist contractors who will provide practical knowledge and expertise based on previous experience will form a sound basis for project success.


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This article was also published in Wind Energy Network Magazine.  Page 65