Cable Pulling & Installation

H&Askham have a number of cable pulling teams and are able to install into trench, duct, risers and all forms of cable containment.


Cable installations range from fibre optic through to small multicore LV cables and any thing up to large HV power cables (400kV 2000mm²) and 1000m.


For every project the pulling mechanisms and systems are carefully designed to suit the application using hand techniques and also mechanical winches with capacities of up to 5 tonnes and cable drum trailer and support equipment up to 20 Tonne, 3.6m diameter drums.


To assist on our EHV projects our installation teams alsocarry out erection and assembly ofcable support structures for outdoor sealing ends, GIS arrangements etc.


In addition to physical installations we also offer the following:


  • Earthing system design and installation
  • Protection system design, installation, testing and commissioning
  • Provision of HV certified personnel to carry out switching, testing and commissioning of new and existing networks
  • High voltage cable fault location and repair work


For further information on any of these services please do not hesitate to email us your enquiry on or contact us through our website.